Leadership and Management Workshops

Leader and Management Solutions that result in Organizational Performance Improvement and Personal Development.


In a demanding and ever changing environment, it is the focused, innovative and motivated organization that will survive.


Wednesday 10 March 2004 at Cherry-Park (Gauteng)

Time 08:30-16:00

The Workshop facilitator will be Dr. Pieter van Rensburg who did his Masters in Problem solving and Doctorate in Group work. He organized developmental courses for more than 20 years. He is a specialist in leadership and change management.


One day program

Our courses consists of modules.

Every module has an:

Group activity
Practical clues and practice.

Our part 1 training includes modules 1-4 and part 2  modules 5-9. 

Modules Outcomes


Leadership Bridge


Setting of Goal (What is?)
Plan to reach goals
Motivation to "go for" goals

Leadership dogs

Identify your leadership style
Understand your weak and strong points
Understand others
How to develop yourself towards a stronger leader

Diamond Rush

Focus and enjoyment in finding dreams
Every body can reach goals
Attitude is everything
What to do with negative members

Day and event management


Understand process of day and event management
Good leaders are good managers
Make everyday a incredible day
When? Who? What? How? and Control.

The R15000,00 problem

The basic elements of problem-solving
Making choices
Creative problem-solving

The weakest link

Group strength
Motivate not to be the weakest link
Group cohesion

Leadership Olympics

Don't let anybody keep you back
Don't give in to bad group pressure
Go and get success. Don't stand still.
Have a balanced life.
Life is not always fare. Don't give up.
Learn to listen. 
You must be able to see the goal

The Directors

Understand income and expenses
Do a basic budget
Communication in a meeting
Being a leader in the group

Binding  together

Work together as a group
Group cohesion
Various activities Use of shorter according to needs to keep focus, stimulation and learning flow.

Obstacle courses , Litteria courses, Water activities, environmental studies, rock climbing etc. are available at certain centra.

We are looking forward to work with you.

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Please feel free too contact our office for any enquiries on this workshops. Please book now to ensure you place in this life changing experience. 

We are available to do in-house workshops.

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